Where the family gathered almost 500 years ago,

you can now meet up with friends and enjoy great wines from the best wineries of Ernst.

Initially in the 16th century, you found an open kitchen with fire place in our today's wine lounge. Throughout history the space was repeatedly modified and reconstructed. In the late 1960s partition walls were built, so that a house laundry and the sanitary facilities of our former wine tavern (Straußwirtschaft) found their place.

During the business takeover in 2012 it was clear for us that we here would strive for a "back to the roots". After a comprehensive core removal the high entrance hall could be guessed again. For many decades half-timbering and quarry stone slumbered hidden behind a plaster layer. Finally, in endless hours of work truss was exposed, a wooden staircase got pickled and the wine lounge was brought to new life.

Our wine lounge

Overlooking our wine lounge
Our wine lounge with access to our courtyard garden
Another view into our wine lounge
Our vinotheque with best wines from Ernst
Insight into our vinotheque
History and modernity combining in our wine lounge
Stairway to our guest house
Enjoy a glass of wine in our wine lounge

Now the room presents itself with the natural slate floor as a little jewel of our house where you should definitely enjoy a good glass of wine which you can surely find in our vinotheque with wine refrigerator. Here we offer you a wide selection of excellent drops of winemakers from Ernst in all qualities and flavors. You'll also find the BREVA wine with which we support the maintenance of the BREVA trail and the preservation of the wine culture landscape Mosel.

Since summer 2014 you get immediately to our holiday apartment "Altes Kelterhaus" and the new courtyard garden from here. There you can enjoy a few glasses outdoors or just relax in a peaceful and private surrounding.